Baby Shower Thank You Cards

"Make you own baby shower thank you cards and thank all your friends and baby shower hostess"

Make your own thank you cards? Am I crazy to suggest it? No, not really. But first, I hope you've been organized and have your list in front of you of who gave what.

It's very easy to open all those lovely gifts and, afterwards, not have a clue as to who gave you that gorgeous fleecy blanket or that very generous gift voucher.

List ready? Action!

Make Your Own
Thank You Cards
For Baby Shower Gifts Received

What with an aching back, sore legs, no energy. I know the feeling, I have been there! However, you are sure to have taken lots of photos at the baby shower itself. So why not use one of the photos for the front of the card. It could be a group photo of all the guests or an individual photo of each guest with you of course.

Using a plain blank card, some baby scrapbooking background paper and your chosen photo, you can create a simple thank you card that won't cost the earth. When you're done, go straight here for sample wording for Baby Shower Thank You Notes

And if you really don't feel up to making them, then click on the link below to purchase lovely cards.

Rose Banner | Baby Shower Thank You Card
Rose Banner | Baby Shower Thank You Card
by NBpaperco

Baby Shower Thank You Ideas

Attention all you Baby Shower Hostesses out there!

If someone you know will soon be having a baby shower here are more thank you ideas:

Make up a thank you cards baby shower kit. Purchase a pretty basket or container and fill it with thank you cards and matching envelopes (already addressed would be great.) Include the gift list stating who gave what for baby. Mom-to-be will adore it as all she needs to do is write her own personal thank you in the cards.

Another neat idea is to ask each guest to write their address on an envelope as they arrive for the baby shower. Put them all into a basket or pretty pail and at the end of the shower, select one of the envelopes and the winner gets a prize! (Not only does the mom-to-be have all the envelopes already addressed for her, the lucky guest gets a prize!)

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