Thank You In German

There are various ways to say thank you in German. Whether you need to write a thank you letter or note in German, are visiting the country and would like to learn a few German words. Below you will find German thank you phrases to help you.

Ways To Say Thank You In German

Dankeschön - thank you

dankbar - grateful, thankful

die Dankbarkeit - gratitude, thanks

Ich bedanke mich! - I thank you!

Nein, danke! - No thanks!

Nichts zu danken! - Don't mention it! You're welcome!

Bitte! - You're welcome! - (in response to "Danke

Ein herzliches Dankeschön! - My/Our heartfelt thanks

das Dankschreiben - thank-you note/letter

der Dankbrief - thank-you letter

Danke für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit - Thank you for your attention

Danke für Ihre Verständnis - Thank you for your understanding

Danke für Ihre Zusammenarbeit - Thank you for your cooperation

Danke für Ihre Hilfe - Thank you for your help

Danke für Ihren Einkauf - Thank you for shopping with us

Danke für Ihren Auftrag - Thank you for your order

das Dankgebet - prayer of thanks

die Danksagung - expression of thanks/gratitude, thanksgiving

das Erntedankfest - (Harvest) Thanksgiving

Gift Giving Etiquette In Germany

This may help you if you are invited to dinner at a German's house. It is normal to take a gift such as flowers, a bottle of wine or chocolates. Follow up by sending a hand written thank you note the following day to thank the hostess for her hospitality.

Coming soon: Thank you letters in German for sympathy and bereavement, birthday and wedding gifts and more for you to copy or use as inspiration.

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