4th Of July Thank You Notes
Sample Wording

4th of July thank you notes wording for you to copy and use in your independence day celebration thank you notes and cards.  Happy 4th of July, hope you celebrated in a big way!

4th July Fireworks Party Thank You Note

Dear Jane and Tony

We had a marvellous time at your family’s 4th of July BBQ. It was great to see you all again and we really enjoyed the company. You put on an amazing spread and your German potato salad was a hit.

The kids had fun lighting sparklers and firecrackers, as did the adults! Brought back many childhood memories of times at your mum and dads. I hope the neighbors didn't complain too much, we were very loud and excitable weren't we?

Thanks once again for a memorable evening.

Julie and Peter


Dear Emma and Peter,

What a memorable 4th July celebration!

Thanks so much for inviting us.  It was great to see you and your family.  Your new friends in Dallas are a great bunch and so friendly.  It's a shame we live so far apart now but we really should make an effort to see each other more often. It is always great fun with you guys.

The kids loved helping with the BBQ and were very proud of their homemade burgers.  Your salads were amazing, especially the carrot salad.  Now I know how to sneak more carrots into the kids diet!

Thanks again and hope to see you soon.

Love Tina and Jerry


Independence Day Celebration
4th of July Thank You Note

Dear Sally and Dave,

What a fun day! We're so glad we were able to make the time to stop by and join in the 4th of July family festivities.

It was great to see you looking so well and you seem to have recovered well after your OP!  Dave has done a great job with the swimming pool.  He is so talented.  The kids had a wild time swimming in it and now they have ideas for our back yard!

The BBQ was amazing, as usual.  You two put on such a feast.  I am in love with your spicy chicken wings and potato salad.  Man, they were so good.  

I was thinking of a get-together in a couple of weeks.  It would be great if you had time. The warm weather is supposed to be here to stay so we should certainly make the most of it.  How about I call you and arrange a date?  That way you can see what we've done to the yard.  And I'll try and re-create those spicy chicken wings.

Thanks again for a wonderful day!

Love Sarah and Thomas


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