Sample House Warming
Thank You Notes

Congratulations, you've moved into your new home! Now to send out house warming thank you notes to those who welcomed you with housewarming gifts or celebrated with you.

People normally give housewarming gifts as a token to wish people well in their new homes and to welcome them to the new neighbourhood. Make sure you appreciate your new neigbours by writing a quick thank you message.

What you write in your note will depend on who has sent the gift. Your housewarming thank you note should contain your message of thanks and reference to the gift that was given. Say how much you enjoyed receiving the gift and how you will put it to use.

Stuck o thank you wording? Just copy my thank you notes below.

House Warming Thank You Notes For Gifts

Dear June and Robert,

Thanks for the bottle of Dom Perignon! Thomas and I had a wonderful time toasting our new house on our first evening all thanks to your generous gift.

When we are settled in I plan on hosting a dinner party so that I can spoil you in return!

Thanks again,



Dear Rebecca and Tony,

The chicken in white wine was delicious!  It was such a lovely thought, preparing a meal for us, seeing as our kitchen is out of action.  Once the kitchen is usable, you must come over for dinner.

Thanks again and cheers for being great new neighbours!

Warmest wishes,

Jo and Pete


Dear John,

Thanks, mate, for helping organize the house warming party.  It was great to have you around as I couldn't have done it without you.

Hope the crate of beer will come in handy.  A little thank you.




Dear Melissa,

It was so kind of you to drop by with bread rolls yesterday evening. They came in handy as we couldn't find most of our breakfast things this morning. We heated up your homemade rolls and enjoyed breakfast on our new terrace.

Once we are settled I'd love to invite you over for lunch. Thomas and I are both looking forward to getting to know our new neighbours better.

Thank you again,



Don't forget to thank those who helped you move house or office premises. A back breaking job deserves recognition so send a thank you note. Here you will find House, business moving thank you notes.

House Warming Sayings

House warming sayings are great to use in your house warming thank you notes and cards.

Where thou art - that - is Home.

Emily Dickinson

May the roof above us never fall in And may we good companions beneath it never fall out.

Irish Blessing

Every house where love abides And friendship is a guest, Is surely home, and home sweet home For there the heart can rest.

Henry Van Dyke

I am grateful for the lawn that needs mowing, windows that need cleaning, and floors that need waxing because it means I have a home.

Author Unknown

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