Thank You Poems

Here is my collection of thank you poems and appreciation poems to use in your thank you notes and thank you cards. Some I have written myself and others are available to use that are not subject to copyright.

I have also included mother poems which includes poems for deceased mothers, fathers day poems and for other occasions.  I find that if you are stuck for the wording, sometimes, including a poem helps.

Thank You Poems

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Mother Poems

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Thanksgiving Poems

Baby Shower Thank You

Best Poems For Funerals

Funeral Poems For Best Friend, Grandmother/Grandfather and Baby/Child Loss

Thank You For The Gift Poems

Lovely Gift

Just a little note of thanks

And we would like to say

That the gift you gave us

Brought us so much joy today.

Appreciation Gift

Such a wonderful gift you gave us

With a very special touch

It sure means so much to us

So thank you very much.

Baby Shower Gift

Thank you for coming to my baby shower

And for the special present you gave

You are so very thoughtful

And the gift you so lovingly made.

I hope you will enjoy it baby

This special gift for you

I made it with great care and love

Because you are perfect too.

Appreciation Poems

Help and Caring

A friend in need

Is a friend indeed

Thank you for being there

When you were needed most

A friend like you is a treasure

And knowing you gives us great pleasure.

Thank You For Your Kindness

I will never forget your kindness

And your gentle touch

Your heartfelt words and sympathy

Meant so very much

Thank you!

Thank You Card Verses

Cute Baby Gift

Thanks for the gift

So cute and oh so sweet

Baby will surely love it

And will fit him a treat

Blue, beige, yellow and brown

True colours for a boy

When he plays with his cuddly toy

There will be peace all around.

Wedding Guest Thank You

Thanks for sharing

In our most special day

You being at our wedding

Made it perfect in every way.

Bridesmaid Appreciation Poem

Thank you for being our bridesmaid

And taking part in our special day

Thank you for your love and support

You are special in every way.

Think you can't be poetic. You don't know until you try.

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