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Don't stress over your thank you card wording. Here on my site you will find loads of thank you card messages and ideas on what to say in a thank you card!

Messages for baby shower, funeral, sympathy, graduation, birthday, business and numerous other occasions when you need to say thank you.

So no need to be at a loss for words. You'll find sample thank you note wording, wedding thank you sayings, quotes by famous people. As well as thank you verses, poems to say thank you, thank you phrases, and hundreds of free thank you letter examples for all occasions

Popular Thank You Card Wording Pages

If you've just got married, without further ado go straight here for wedding thank you card wording for wedding gifts and links to say thank you to groomsmen, best man, flower girl, parents etc.

Just had a baby shower? Congrats on your forthcoming bundle of joy. Need thank you wording for baby shower thank you cards? No probs, we've got it right here. Baby shower thank you notes and wording ideas made easy with samples, poems, verses, baby shower hostess thank you ideas and more!

One of our top visited pages is after funeral thank you wording to say thank you for attending the funeral, funeral flowers and donations thank you note wording.

I too have lost loved ones and at the time didn't think about sending funeral thank you cards and now deeply regret that. Don't feel it is a must do, however. At a time of loss it is not easy to find the right wording to say thank you for funeral flowers, for attending the funeral, support received and funeral donations when you are grieving.

Thank You Card Verses A nice idea is to include thank you card verses or quotes in your cards.

Kids Thank You Cards and Notes Wording Teach your kids the polite way of saying thank you with thank you wording for birthday and christmas gifts.

Baby Gift Thank You Notes and Cards Wording Congrats on the birth of your bonny baby. Say thank you to friends, family and colleagues for all those cute baby gifts.

Dinner and Hospitality Thank You Notes Wording If you've stayed overnight at a friends, been invited to dinner etc then it's time to send out hospitality thank you cards.

Business Thank You Cards Wording

Holiday Cards Wording - What to Write!

I have listed our most popular pages, glance to the left and you will see more listed.

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