Kids Birthday Thank You Notes

Sample kids birthday thank you notes.

The act of your children writing good old fashioned thank you notes gives the child a chance to reflect on how thoughtful his friends and family are.

It's a great idea to get them into the habit of writing thank you notes from a young age. Grandma, Auntie and friends will all appreciate receiving a special note from your child. Not only that it teaches the child to appreciate those that have bought birthday gifts for them, or thrown a birthday party in their honour.

Kids Birthday Thank You Notes


Dear Uncle Bob,

Thank you for the racing car you got me for my birthday. I enjoy having competitions with all my friends to see whose car is the fastest. Guess whose car always wins?

Thank you.



Dear Grandma,

Thank you for the money you gave me for my birthday. I bought a barbie doll with it. She has got long blonde hair and is very pretty.

See you soon Grandma.



Dear Tom,

Thank you for coming to my birthday party and thanks for the electronic robot you gave me. He is so cool and has flashing eyes and even speaks!



Dear Julius,

Thank you for coming to my pirate birthday party last week. I hope you liked it.

I really like the slime and have played with it a lot.

Your friend,


Dear Mrs Peters,

Thank you for my birthday card and the money you gave me.

I am going shopping with Mum, next week and would like to buy a book.



If the kids aren't able to write their own yet, Mum and Dad can write a few sentences for them.

Thank You Notes Written by Mum or Dad

Dear Grandma,

Tony is so excited about going to the shops to spend his gift voucher.  He would dearly love to buy some playmobil so I am sure he will have great fun choosing it.

Thank you so much for the gift.



Dear Josey and Mark,

You really have the nack of choosing the most wonderful gifts.  Rosie loves everything about The Jungle Book and she adores her Baloo bear cuddly toy.

She takes him to bed every night and snuggles down with him.

Thank you for the perfect gift.  I just hope he never goes missing!



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