Thank You Note Etiquette

Advice on wedding thank you note etiquette, thank you card etiquette for funeral, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday and more. Details on thank you etiquette for all occasions found here!

Thank You Note Etiquette

When is a thank you note appropriate? Don't be confused; below is a list of when etiquette dictates a thank you is necessary.

Wedding Gifts. Go here for some sample

wedding gift thank you notes. Send them out within a month even if you gave a verbal thanks.

Birthdays, Christmas and other gifts. Here are sample

birthday thank you notes. Send them out within 2-3 days upon receipt of gift.

Mailed Gifts. Send out thank you notes within 2-3 days; the sender will want to know it arrived!

Baby and Bridal Shower. Take a look at

baby shower thank you notes and bridal shower thank you notes.

Staying with friends. If your friends or family have put you up for a few days or just overnight, take a look here for hospitality thank you notes.

A dinner invitation.

Receipt of flowers or notes of condolence or funeral etiquette thank you notes. See sympathy thank you notes.

Help during an illness.

Business entertainment.

Now you need to get down and actually write the thank you note! Easy, in fact I have made it easy for you. Go here for tips on writing the writing thank you notes

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