Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

Ideas for baby shower hostess gifts to say thank you for the baby shower! Team them up with my baby shower hostess thank you wording ideas and you're almost done.

If a family member or friend organized your baby shower; we all know that such an event creates a lot of work and organization. So say a huge baby shower hostess thank you with my ideas for baby shower hostess gifts.

You will also find links to homemade baby shower gifts. Your thank you gifts need not be expensive; a small token of your appreciation is what it's all about.

Ideas for Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

Toast the hostess with a bottle or two of her favourite wine or champagne. Cheers!

Chocolates, bought or homemade.

Homemade Gift Basket

Gift voucher for her favourite store or restaurant.

Basket full of bath products such as bath salts, pretty soaps, shower gel, bath bombs.

Cookie bouquet or make your own cookies and present them in cellophane or a pretty box.

Movie or theatre ticket.

Invitation to coffee/lunch.

Homemade sweets presented in pretty packaging.

Favourite recipe book.

Candles are always a great hit. With so many options to choose from, you can't go wrong. You can usually find them ready packaged, so just personalize with a thank you tag.

Treat her to a facial or manicure. Can also be combined with an invite to coffee afterwards.

Picture frame.

Head out to your garden centre and pick out a beautiful bunch of flowers or potted plant.

Homemade Gifts In A Jar

Baby Shower Thank You Gifts

You might also like to include a baby shower thank you poem:

Thank you for the party

You really are a treasure

To organize such a great baby shower

That gave me so much pleasure.

Thank You For The Baby Shower
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