Wedding Favor Sayings And Phrases

Wedding favor sayings. Hopefully everything is going according to plan with your wedding. With so many themed wedding favors on the market right now, the only question left is what kind of wedding quote, phrase or saying to attach to your Wedding thank you favors.

Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding! Now let's get down to the wedding favor thank you wording.

Wedding Favor Phrases

Sending all good wishes to our guests who shared our happy day.

Suitable for all wedding favors.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Thank you for sharing our happiness.

Suitable for a personalized photo frame.

Thank you for making our wedding day a coasting success.

Suitable on wedding coasters.

Watch our love grow.
Nurture our love by planting these seeds and our love will blossom forever.
Blooming Love.

Suitable for seed packet wedding favors, bulbs, plants, seeds etc.

A match made in heaven.
Suitable for matchbook favors.

Thank You Wording For Wedding Favors

Our love is a flame that burns brightly.
Light me and our love will burn brightly forever.

Suitable for candle favors.

Enjoy sweet memories of our special day.
The new Mr. and Mrs. send you lots of hugs and kisses.

Suitable for chocolate and candy favors.

 Wedding Favor Sayings
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