Pet Sitter Thank You Notes
Thank You Gift Ideas For Pet Sitters

Write pet sitter thank you notes and cards for pet sitters who cared for your dog, cat or other furry friend. Pet sitters are a valuable help for pet owners when family holidays or business trips crop up and pets need caring for.

My sister is a pet sitter and throughout the summer quite regularly has 3 or 4 dogs staying with her. With peace of mind that a pet sitter is caring for your beloved pet, you can quite happily go away on vacation.

However, have you ever sent pet sitter thank you notes or gifts for your pet sitters? Hopefully you have, in order to express your gratitude. Below you will find sample thank you notes. Change the thank you wording as necessary.

Dog Sitter Thank You Notes

Dear Mary,

Thank you so much for caring for our beloved Harry while we were away. We can tell that he has been well cared for and has been thoroughly spoilt by you as always.

Thanks ever so much.

Kind regards,


Dear Mr Brodie,

Thank you for offering to take care of Judy, while we were away at the weekend. It gave us peace of mind knowing that she was well cared for. I hope we can return the favour sometime.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,


Dear Tom,

A huge thank you to the best pet sitter and pet walker that we know!

We would be lost without you and your pet sitting services. We were able to enjoy our break in Italy with a peaceful heart knowing that our two girls were taken care of so lovingly.

Thank you deeply.

Kind regards,


Dear Julie,

Thank you for pampering Poochy while we were away. Your loving, attentive care is just what he needs at his grand old age! We enjoyed our holiday all the more knowing that he was lovingly taken care of.

We hope you enjoy the olive oil, knowing how much you love using it in your cooking.

Thanks once again.



Cat Sitter Thank You Notes

Dear Sue,

Please accept this small token of thanks for looking after Bonny while we were away.  We had a fabulous holiday and were relaxed knowing that Bonny was being well cared for. 

We found the elderflower wine in a small shop next to our favourite wine bar.  We hope you enjoy it!

Thanks again.

Love Judy, Peter and Bonny!


Thank You For Looking After Our Rabbits

Dear Kate,

This little gift is from Chipper and Nacho to thank you for looking after them while we were away. It is so kind of you to take care of our rabbits and so lovingly too!  Cameron and Alexander would refuse to go on holiday if they weren't so well taken care of so thank goodness we've got you!

We really appreciate it.

Thanks and best wishes,

Mary and John


Dear Mary and Peter,

This little Christmas gift from Tizer who is very appreciative of you looking after him throughout the year.  He loves his walks and belly rubs and you thoroughly spoiling him while in his care.

Have a merry Christmas and a peaceful start to the New Year!

Warmest furry wishes,


Dog Groomer Thank You Note

Dear Emma,

Just a small token of thanks for keeping Jack in shape this year.  He loves coming to you every couple of months for his trim.  I don't think we could trust him with anyone else.  You do such a good job and he always receives so many compliments.

I hope you have a wonderful christmas and look forward to seeing you soon.

Best wishes,

The Cooper family and Jack


Pet Sitter Thank You Gift Ideas

Pet sitter thank you gift ideas need not be expensive. Find out what they like and go from there.

1. Buy your pet sitter a gift card for their local store. If they own a pet, you can buy a gift card for their local pet store.

2. Make up a handmade gift basket full of goodies and treats for your petsitter or their pet. Include items such as homemade cookies, scented candles, a bottle of wine, dog biscuits, dog grooming set.

3. Make a thank you card with a picture of your pet on the front. Tuck your thank you note inside and just for fun a paw print from your pooch!

4. Invite them for bruch at your house.

5. Treat them to cinema (movie tickets).

6. Or check out my idea for

homemade gifts in a jar.

Here is a selection of dog and puppy quotes for thank you notes and cards.

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