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What To Write In A Thank You Card

Actually writing thank you notes is dead easy. Follow my tips below if you need help on what to write in a thank you card or are stumped for thank you letter wording.

There are many occasions on which thank you note writing may leave you in a panic!

Whether you need help on writing graduation thank you notes, writing a thank you card for wedding gifts, or writing baby shower thank you notes. These are all occasions when you can use my thank you note writing tips and ideas.

Think back, when was the last time you had to write thank you notes or thank you cards as an expression of appreciation?

Do you think sending one makes a difference?

Of course it does.

You may now be faced with the task of writing a huge pile of thank you notes to family and friends. Thanking those for their generosity, whether for a gift, monetary gift, sympathy thank you or help in someway.

Don't let the thought of sending thank you notes scare you. Anyone can write them. My tips and examples are here to help you write the most effective thank you note wording.

Why send a thank you note?

It shows your appreciation and gratitude and also keeps the line of communication open. I send out birthday presents to friends whom I have little contact with throughout the year. I am always grateful to receive their handwritten thank you note saying how much they enjoyed receiving my gift. A thank you note goes a long way!

Writing Thank You Notes

Thank you notes can be written on plain note paper in which case always choose good quality with matching envelopes when writing thank you notes . Alternatively use a thank you card with a simple image on the front and blank inside. Take care to choose something appropriate.

I would always suggest handwriting thank you notes. Draft your thank you note wording first and only when you are sure write the final version. Choose an ink colour that is easy to read such as blue or black. Think about buying a nice fountain pen if you don't already own one. It's important to write legibly; I know this can prove difficult if you have many notes to write such as wedding thank you notes.

Try and picture the person you are writing to as you are composing the note. This will help you find the right thank you wording. Remember the note doesn't have to be long. A few brief, but sincere lines is enough.

Select Your Thank You Note Stationery

Purchase Personalized thank you cards from Treat. They have a beautiful range of thank you cards, personalized stationery and cards to suit all occasions. Writing on beautiful stationery will encourage you to write your thank you notes!

Thank You Note Writing

All thank you notes pretty much follow the same pattern, get that right and you're almost there.

1. Salutation: Dear (Name of person). If, however, you are writing to a close friend or you know the recipient, how about saying Hi Sarah for example.

2. Say thanks for the gift, flowers, chocolates, dinner, donation or whatever it is you would like to say thank you for.

3. Why and what you like about the gift and how you have put it to use. You can use some great adjectives here such as exquisite, amazing, beautiful, cuddly etc.

4. Show your appreciation.

6. Signature: I always sign off "Love" for close friends and family members. Other ways of signing off are, Sincerely, Kind regards or Best Wishes.

7. Don't forget to sign your name.
Have fun writing thank you notes for every occasion.

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