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Free thank you notes sample wording ideas to send your appreciation to kind neighbors.

Thankfully I am on excellent terms with my neighbors and it is only when you have a bad neighbor that you realise how lucky you are.

Thank you letters for being a good neighbor are usually written for a number of reasons. Whether your neighbour/neighbor has done something nice or helped you out in some way or has offered emotional support, sincere words for thank you notes are called for.

Find free thank you notes wording for you to copy and use.

Free Thank You Notes Samples

Neighbor Thank You Notes

Dear Juliet,

I just wanted to thank you again for your generosity in allowing Alexander and Cameron to stay with you for the weekend. It was so kind of you to offer to take them and it alllowed us to spend some quality time with Thomas's mother at the home.

We count ourselves very lucky to have you as our neighbor and please do not hesitate to let us know if you ever need anything.

With thanks,

Sarah and Thomas


Dear Mrs Withers,

I know we have spoken on the phone several times since Mum had her accident, but I wanted to write to say thank you for all you have done for her in the last few weeks.

What with me and my brother living so far away, it made the situation so much easier knowing that she had a neighbour keeping an eye on her. She has been raving about your cooking too! Your apple crumble is the best ever and not to mention your Sunday roast dinner. Thank you so much, you are just too kind.

Mum mentioned that you enjoy going to the theatre, so please accept these tickets as a token of my appreciation. I hope you enjoy the evening.

With kind regards and once again my heartfelt thanks.

Julia Smith


Free Sample Thank You Notes

Our neighbors always take care of our rabbits while we are away.  You might like to write a note, buy a gift voucher or a bottle of wine.  An ice cream voucher for the children is always appreciated.

Dear Teresa,

A huge thank you for taking care of our rabbits while we were on holiday.  Alexander never stopped going on about them and finally managed to enjoy our time at the cottage, knowing that they were well cared for.

Thanks again,

Sally and Alexander


Dear Emma,

Thank you so much for looking after Chipper and Nacho while we were away.  We can't even express how grateful we are that you checked on them regularly and then drove them to their bunny hotel.  We were so worried, seeing as Chipper had nearly died from GI stasis. 

I know I must have driven you mad with all my messages, but you know they are our babies.

Thanks for being a good friend.



Dear Sabine,

A million thanks for looking after the house while we were away. It was so kind of you to check our post, water the plants and just be there.

I hope you like the Italien olive oil,  just a little token of our thanks.

Warmest thanks,


Dear Jane,

Thanks so much for visiting Cameron while he was in hospital.  The CD was very much appreciated and whiled away a few hours. He's due home at the weekend, much to our relief.

Thanks again.


Neighbor Thank You Notes
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