Graduation Thank You Note Samples For Gifts

Graduation thank you note samples and thank you card wording made easy. Wording to say thank you for college graduation gifts, money received or attending a graduation ceremony.

Congratulations on your college graduation! No need to stress  on what to write in graduation thank you cards when you can copy my samples below.

If you received money, saying thank you for graduation money is the same as saying thank you for any other gift. Just don't mention the actual amount you received; saying thank you for your generous graduation gift or generous present and what you actually plan to do with the money is enough!

You might also like to write thank you notes to people such as teachers and anyone else who supported and encouraged you throughout your school years.

Try and mail your thank you notes within a week or two of receiving your graduation gifts. And it's preferable to send a handwritten note in the post rather than by email. So onto the thank you letters for graduation gifts!

Graduation Thank You Note Samples
Thank You For The Money!

Dear Auntie Joan,

Thank you so much for the generous graduation gift. I am going to put it towards paying off my college fees. It was a pity that you missed the graduation ceremony but I have enclosed some photos for you. You'll love the one of mum, I'm sure!  It was an emotional day.

Thanks again for being so thoughtful.



Dear Aunt Mary and Uncle Mark,

I appreciate you travelling all that way to be at my graduation ceremony.  It was great to have you both there, cheering with mum and dad.  I think our little group made the loudest impression!

Thank you also for the generous graduation gift. For now I am going to invest most of it.  As you know I am going travelling for 3 months so may use some of it for that.

Thanks again.



Dear Melissa and David,

Thank you for attending my graduation ceremony and an even bigger thank you for the generous graduation gift. You have truly spoilt me! I plan to put it to good use when I visit Australia in the summer.

Thank you once again and hope to see you soon.



Thank You For Graduation Gifts

Dear Grandpa,

Gosh, thank you so much for the whopping graduation cheque. I shall certainly put it to good use, but for now intend to invest it.

It was wonderful to see you at my graduation ceremony and the party afterwards. It was a very exciting day and one I shall treasure for always and I am so proud that you were part of it.

Thanks again Grandpa and see you soon.



Dear Tom and Jane,

I love the personalized fountain pen! I will certainly put it to good use in college so thank you for such a thoughtful gift. Thanks also for coming to my graduation party. It was great to see you again and it was a fun night.



Dear Auntie Birgit,

Thank you so much for my graduation gifts.  You have truly spoilt me.  I love the pink handbag and what a surprise it was when I opened it to find my flight ticket to come and visit you in the summer.  I can't wait to see you all, it's going to be a blast!

Thanks again and looking forward to August.



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