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"Thank all your friends by writing heartfelt baby gift thank you notes."

Just had your baby and feel a bit stressed? Don't be, as here you will find loads of sample baby gift thank you wording to help you say thank you for all those adorable gifts. But let me say congratulations on your new bundle!  You'll love the parenthood ride.

Your friends and family won't expect a lengthy thank you note for baby gifts received, after all, being a new mum is tiring. So it's entirely up to you whether you keep your thank you messages for gifts received, short and sweet! If you've got lots to write, set yourself and target and write, say, five baby gift thank you notes a day.

Baby Gift Thank You Wording Examples

Dear Emma,

Thanks ever so much for the adorable all in one you sent for Jonas. I can't wait for him to grow into it as he is going to look so cute wearing it. You are a sweetie to spoil us as you do! 

Can't wait to see you next week for coffee.  I've got loads to tell you and you'll be able to give Jonas a cuddle, at last.



Dear June,

We are certainly going to need plenty of diapers so what a great practical gift! We both laughed when we opened it as we were squeezing and trying to guess what was inside.  We didn't guess correctly, though.

Thanks again.



Dear Juliet,

Many thanks for the designer baby backpack. It is just what I need and I can't wait to fill it with lots of new baby things!



Dear Mum and Dad,

Your gift arrived today!

You might think it strange that we're sending a letter, but there is something wrong with our line at the moment.

The pamper basket you sent is simply out of this world. I am going to have the time of my life using all of the lovely creams and potions.  I've already tried the hand cream, it's got the most lovely soothing scent. And the little jacket and trousers for Jamie, are adorable.  They are a bit big at the moment, but at the rate he's growing, it won't be long before they fit.

Enclosed are some photos of our little man in his outfit that you recently sent; doesn't he look cute? We are so much looking forward to you both coming next weekend to meet your grandson in person.

Lots of love,

Sarah and Thomas


More Baby Gift Thank You Samples

Dear Emma,

Thank you so much for the diaper cake.  What a fabulous idea and we will certainly put them to good use.  It was lovely of you to visit us in hospital, especially seeing as I know how you've been under a lot of stress recently.

Maria is a little darling now we are home from hospital.  Thanks once again and hope to see you soon.




What a wonderful surprise it was to see you all on Saturday! 

I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying motherhood but am also missing work a little bit too, especially all you guys.

The darling little outfit you bought Rosie and the spa voucher for me is much appreciated.  I shall put the voucher to use once I have stopped breastfeeding (in about a year). Ha ha, no seriously I will be so ready for some relaxation then.

I think Rosie enjoyed all the attention and loved having you around.

See you all soon.

Love and thanks,



Dear Aunt Mary,

A loving thank you for your generous gift. Your gift card and flowers arrived today. We thought we'd put it towards the purchase of a pram. We went shopping last week and have a seen a couple we like but as yet, are undecided.

You simply must come and visit, again, very soon.  You'll be surprised by how much Tilly has grown.

Thanks once again for your kind gift.



More Baby Gift Thank You Wording


Thank you so much for arranging and cooking all the meals-on-wheels for John and the kids while I was in hospital. It set my mind at rest knowing they were well fed!

You prepared so much that I was even able to enjoy some of your delicious home-cooked food when I returned home. The beef in red wine was out of this world and the kids raved about your apple pie. I am saving the cake you made for a special occasion.

Let me know when you've got time for a visit so I can show off Laura to you.  She is such a sweetie and is being thoroughly spoilt by her siblings.

Thanks again for being so kind.

Lots of love,


Dear (Boss),

It was a lovely surprise to receive the gift card. It is very much appreciated. There are still a 101 things we would like to purchase so, rest, assured it will be put to good use.

Thanks again for such a generous gift.

Kind regards,


Baby Shower Thank You Notes Wording

Dear Colleagues,

I just wanted to say thank you once again for the amazing baby shower you organized. You really are all so sweet and thoughtful and I shall miss, working with, you all while on maternity leave.

And such a generous gift! Tom and I will have fun choosing lots of cute baby things; our list is a mile long so it will be put to good use.

Thanks again for your kindness.



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