Baby Shower Thank You Poems

Baby Shower thank you poems are here for you to use in your baby shower thank you notes and cards.

Including a poem is a nice gesture as part of your baby shower thank you message don't you think? You could even compose thank you poems from baby!

Thank all your guests for coming to your baby shower and for the baby gifts. Think you can't be poetic? Don't believe it; compose your own baby poetry or use my poems to say thank you. Don't forget to thank your baby shower hostess too!

Baby Shower Thank You Poems

Thank you for coming to my baby shower

And for the special present you gave

You are so very thoughtful

And the gift you so lovingly made

Hey, thanks for coming

I had so much fun

Thanks for celebrating

With me and my little one!

Just a card to thank you

And a few words to tell you too

The gift is so appreciated

And more so because it came from you.

Thank you for coming to my baby shower

Thank you for the party!

You really are a treasure

To organize such a great baby shower

That gave me so much pleasure.

Thank you to a wonderful baby shower hostess!

More Baby Shower Poetry

The baby shower was fun

The presents a treat

Thank you for coming

You are all so sweet.

Thank you for coming to my baby shower.

I thought I could write a poem

but I've found I can't

however, I am so very grateful

for all your love and wonderful gifts.

Lots of love

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