Unique Thank You Gifts Ideas
Free Homemade Gift Ideas

If you are looking for unique thank you gifts then why not make them yourself. Free homemade gift ideas that can be made by you. Much nicer than purchasing them from the shop don't you think?

Sometimes just a thank you note may not seem enough. Your friends and family certainly won't expect a gift, however, think how delighted they will be to receive a homemade gift from you.

Thank you gift ideas can be large or small and can be made for any budget.

One of my favourite ideas are homemade gift baskets. In fact gift baskets can be made up for any occasion such as Christmas or birthdays.

Or how about making up your own homemade gifts in a jar  - you can't get more unique than that can you? 

Unique Thank You Gift Baskets

To buy, unique thank you gift baskets can sometimes be way too expensive. So why order one when you can make up your own homemade gift basket.

The first step to creating a gift basket is to think about who it is for. Do they have any favourite foods, colours, do they like baking, wine tasting, chocolates or tea. Is the basket for a male or female; good friend, neighbour, teacher. This could obviously determine what sort of item you fill the basket with.

You then need to purchase a container or basket. You may already have one at home you can use. A basket is always nice as it can be used afterwards once all the goodies are gone!

I once received a simple homemade gift in a cappucino cup filled with chocolate treats and small cookies. Simple but delicious.

Once you have your container fill it with shredded paper or tissue paper. This is to ensure the items don't all clank around at the bottom.

Fill your container with your selected goodies. Try to select items with a long shelf life and look appealing to the eye.

Dried fruit
Pasta and sauces
Cheese knife
Bottle opener
Cookery book

Once you have filled your basket you need to wrap it in clear gift wrap which can be found at all major department stores. I have a large roll at home which is in constant use!

Package your unique thank you gift with the gift wrap and secure with a bow.

If you are feeling extra crafty; make your own gift tag too!I have also found tags you can personalize and purchase.

Faux Glitter Handwrite Thank You Black Gift Tags
Faux Glitter Handwrite Thank You Black Gift Tags
by pinkpinetree

Chocolate Homemade Gift Baskets

Choose a selection of different good quality chocolates whether truffles or chocolate bars, milk or plain. Novelty chocolates in the shape of a car or tennis racket, for example, always look nice.

You could also include a chocolate fondue set and nuts and dried fruit to dip into the chocolate. How about a mug and some chocolate powder to make the ultimate hot chocolate.

Food and Wine Homemade Gift Baskets

A bottle of champagne or favourite red or white will go down a treat. Perhaps a voucher to attend a cookery course or a wine tasting course. Cheese and crackers to serve with the wine and a cheeseboard and knife.

Vegetarian Gift Baskets

Homemade chutneys and pickles. A selection of dried fruits and nuts. Exotic sauces to serve with pasta. A vegetarian cookery book or some seeds to grow organic vegetables and herbs. Include some homemade cookies and chocolate truffles.

Have fun making up your unique thank you gifts. Your friends and family will love and appreciate them.

Flowers Thank You Gift

Well if you can't think of anything thing else, send flowers. Us girlies love them. Flowers are for every occasion!

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