Teacher Thank You Poems

Teacher thank you poems for you to use in thank you notes for teachers or thank you cards. Use one of the thank you poems for teachers below. You'll also find an example of a teacher christmas poem.

Teacher Appreciation Week
5th - 11th May 2024

Teacher retirement poems and thank you poems to teachers to say goodbye. If the school year is now coming to an end, send your special thank you messages to teacher.

During National Teacher Appreciation Week students are looking for thank you poems to teachers or thank you quotes for teachers to use in a thank you card for teacher. So to make your life easy you can use these teacher thank you poems or use them to inspire you to write your own.

Teacher Thank You Poems

What a nice gesture to use a teacher appreciation poem enclosed with your teacher thank you note or gift. Not ready with your teacher thank you gift? then take a look here for ideas for homemade teacher appreciation gifts.

Thank You Poems For Teachers - Retiring

Thank you teacher

You're the best

Now it's time for You to rest!

Now that you're retiring

After so many school years

It's now onto pastures new

With new hopes, dreams and fears.

You taught me well

You gave so much

I have so many memories

I wish you good luck

Have a happy retirement

With many fulfilling years

So I say goodbye teacher

Before I fill with tears.

Special Teacher Poem

T is for talented that you surely are
E is for explaining so patiently
A is for the ability to make the class fun
C is for correcting us when we were wrong
H is for helping us in every way
E is for encouraging us to do our best
R is for rare, there is only one of you!

So thank you special teacher; we think you're great too!

Teacher Christmas Poem

Here's a teacher Christmas poem that you could attach to a Christmas gift.

For My Special Teacher At Christmas

At last the Christmas holiday is here,
Now I can lie in bed,
Hang out with friends or watch TV;
 That much can be said.

I won't miss school or all those tests;
 It'll be great to be free,
But I'll miss you while I'm not at school;
 Coz, teacher, you mean a lot to me.

So have a wonderful Christmas;
I wish you endless fun,
See you in the New Year,
 When the holiday is over and done.

Poem From Teacher To Students

Perhaps teachers might like this poem from teacher to student to give to their best student or to the whole class. Also appropriate if you are a teacher retiring.

It was great to have you as students
You made my job worthwhile
I looked forward to every day
With anticipation and a smile!
You made my job rewarding
In each and every sense
With students like you
Classes were far from boring!
Now it's time to say goodbye
What more can I say
Other than that I shall miss you all
Cos you brightened up my days.

Pre-School And Kindergarten Teacher Poems

You are my special teacher
I just want you to know
I always had fun in your class
How the time has flown!

Thank you for helping me
To learn all that I know
I will always remember you
Even when I'm grown!

I'll miss you being my teacher
I know the reason why
I am feeling very sad
Because it's time to say goodbye.

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