Kid Thank You Notes Wording

"Friends and relatives will enjoy receiving kid thank you notes."

Sample kid thank you notes. Getting your children to write thank you notes doesn't have to be a chore with my kids thank you card wording ideas. If they can't write, a thank you picture would be lovely too!

You can turn saying thank you into a cool learning experience.

You'll find lots of sample wording to say thank you for christmas gifts here.

If your child can write, let him do it himself, you just need to help with the wording. He might make a few spelling mistakes but that just adds to the authenticity.

If your child cannot write, you can write the thank you note yourself as an adult and let your child put his or her stamp on it in some way. They could sign it with a fingerprint or handprint, draw a small thank you picture or decorate the thank you note with stickers.

Alternatively you can write the thank you note as if you were the child. Many people feel silly doing this, however, either way is acceptable. Or how about creating fill in the blanks kid thank you notes. You can write the note and leave blank spaces for your child to write a couple of words. My kids love doing this as it means they can show off their writing skills.

You can ask your child what they like about the gift and include their exact words in the thank you note.

Another idea is to enclose a photo of your child opening the gift and use this for the front of the thank you card.

After the thank you notes are finished, you can mail them together.

Pink Gold Pineapple Birthday Photo Thank You
Pink Gold Pineapple Birthday Photo Thank You
by PollyFunDesign
Pink Hearts Photo - Thank You Flat Card
Pink Hearts Photo - Thank You Flat Card
by Midesigns55555

Kid Thank You Notes For Christmas Gifts

Dear Aunt Mary

Thank you for the money you gave me christmas. I am going to put it towards my new paint set. Mummy is taking me to buy it next week.

Thank you.


Dear Grandma,

I was so excited to receive your christmas gift in the post! The barbie doll is exactly what I wanted and I love dressing her up in all her new clothes.

I hope you had a nice christmas too.

Lots of love,


Dear Uncle Tom,

My gift arrived today.  I am so excited as I want to know what is inside.  I have shaken it and it makes a loud noise.  The dinosaur christmas paper is really cool too.

Have a nice christmas and thank you very much for my gift.

Love Henry


Dear Auntie Rosa,

Thank you very much for the big lego box you got me for Christmas.  I have been playing with it since Christmas Day and Mummy is very happy because I am busy.

See you soon.



Dear Grannie,

A huge thank you for the generous cheque you gave me for Christmas.  As you know, I am flying to Australia in October so it will come in handy.  It was far too much, but I shall have fun spending it, but not wastefully, of course.

I hope you had a peaceful and relaxing Christmas. I miss you terribly and look forward to seeing you, when you are in London, in March.

Your loving granddaughter,


Kid's Bunting Custom - 3x5 Thank You Cards
Kid's Bunting Custom - 3x5 Thank You Cards
by Midesigns55555

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