Teacher Thank You Gifts
 Teacher Appreciation Crafts Ideas

Stuck for ideas for teacher thank you gifts. You will find unique teacher gift ideas and teacher appreciation crafts here. Great for teacher appreciation week or simply to say thank you!

Suitable for teacher appreciation day, retirement, end of term or as christmas gifts, teacher gift ideas for you to say thank you for a job well done.

Teacher thank you gifts come in all shapes, sizes and price range. You don't have to spend a fortune on your teacher gifts, it really is the thought that counts.

When Is Teacher Appreciation Week 2019?

Teacher Appreciation Week lasts from May 5th - May 11th 2019 in the USA. Teacher Appreciation Day is 7th May.

Teacher Thank You Gifts

Teacher Crayon Personalized Note
Teacher Crayon Personalized Note
by UniqueTeachingRes

Personalized Teacher Stationery.

Purchase a neat set of stationery for teacher. You know it is something he or she will always use and is suitable for both genders. You could even purchase a set of stamps, notecards and envelopes and personalize it yourself.

Teacher thank you note.

A good old fashioned thank you note or thank you teacher poem takes only a moment to write but gives enormous pleasure. If you are stuck for words go here for teacher thank you notes and thank you poems to teachers. A nice idea would be to frame a teacher poem and the whole class sign it.

Gift Vouchers.

Purchase gift vouchers from Amazon. You can buy pretty much everything on Amazon nowadays. Teacher will be spoilt for choice. You could also make your own gift voucher card.


If all the parents club together, you can buy a case of wine or subscribe to a "wine of the month" club. Your teacher will be more than pleased to get a good bottle every month for the next year.

Custom Wine (or Champagne) Bottle Label (4
Custom Wine (or Champagne) Bottle Label (4" x 3.5")


How about 2 tickets to a sporting event, a musical or play?

Teacher's Homemade Gift Basket.

If your teacher has a hobby he or she may appreciate a gift basket or container packed with special goodies. A gift basket is a great homemade teacher appreciation gift.

If your teacher likes cooking, gardening, going to the movies, or travelling, fill a gift basket with appropriate items. Find more homemade gift basket ideas here!

Personalized Teacher's Tea Towel.

Buy a light coloured tea towel and some fabric paints or pens. Depending on their age, the children can make handprints, draw a self-portrait, or sign their names. This could be an individual or class project.

Make a Class Cookbook for Teacher.

This is something my friend's daughter and her whole class undertook when they left school. The idea is that each child produces his or her own page with a favourite recipe, a drawing or photo, and a special message to the teacher. Once complete, laminate the pages, punch and put into a folder.

Teacher Homemade Gifts In A Jar

Jar gifts are a great teacher gift ideas, easy and inexpensive. Check out your recipes at home or use mine for Oatmeal Cookies.

What I like most about my classroom printable poster

Hop on over for a great printable teacher gift!

Have fun with my teacher appreciation crafts ideas.

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." Henry Adams

Thank You Quotes For Teachers

Thank You Poems To Teachers

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