Wedding Thank Yous
Wording For Specific Gifts

Below you will find wedding thank yous for specific wedding gifts. You can copy the wedding thank you messages or use them as inspiration to write your own.

Wedding Gift Thank You Notes

Fleecy Blanket Thank You Note

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones

Thank you so much for the gorgeous fleecy blanket. It is just what we need and it will help keep us warm this winter. George and I have used it many times to snuggle up on the sofa while we are watching our favorite TV series.



Photo Frames Thank You Note

Dear Grandma,

We are so grateful for the beautiful silver photo frames. They really are exquisite and enhance our wedding photos perfectly.

They have pride of place on the mantelpiece in the sitting room to be admired by all.

Thank you once again for the generous gift.



Thank You Note Examples

Crystal Vase Thank You Note

Dear Joanne,

Thank you for the beautiful crystal vase. It really is lovely and the fine engravings are a real masterpiece.

Tom has already bought me a bunch of red roses and the vase sets them off perfectly.

Again, many thanks for such a wonderful gift.



Picnic Basket Thank You Note

Dear Julie and Robert,

The picnic basket you sent is such a wonderful gift. What a surprise also to find it filled with all our favorite goodies. We have already enjoyed the champagne and truffles!

We know it will be put to good use next summer for our picnics by the lake.

Thanks again for such a thoughtful gift.



Thank You Message For Wedding Gifts

Gift Card Thank You Note

Dear Sue and Tony,

Thank you so much for your generous gift. We have got our eye on a persian rug in Harrods so will put your gift card towards our fine purchase.

Thank you again for thinking of us.

Lots of love,


Thank You For The Wine

Dear Nancy and Peter,

A huge thank you for such a useful wedding present. A case of wine! My goodness, we couldn't believe our eyes when it was delivered. You really have spoilt us and we shall certainly enjoy a bottle or two with dinner over the next weeks.

Thanks again for such a generous and thoughtful gift.



Glassware Thank You Note

Dear Beate and Tom,

We were so excited upon receiving your gift. The glassware is beautiful and complements our new dinner service perfectly. You must come to dinner soon so we can make good use of your truly thoughtful gift.



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