Homemade Mothers Day Gifts

Spoil Mum with homemade Mothers Day gifts.

If you can't think of what to get Mum this Mothers Day, then homemade gifts are the best.

I still have all the homemade gifts my two sons made me for Mothers Day. The gifts were all lovingly created at Kindergarten with their special artistic stamp on them.

Depending on the age of the child, they may need a little help from Dad in order to make some of the gifts.

I can still remember making gifts for my Mum and taking tea and toast to her in bed. And don't forget you don't need to wait until Mother's Day to spoil her.

Mothers Day Crafts Ideas

Give handprints to Mum. Take a piece of white card and appropriate colour paints. Cover the childs hands with the paint and then press down onto the card. Cut to shape and ask the child to sign their name and write a message to Mum on the back once dry.

Buy textile paints and create handprints on a kitchen tea towel or apron.

Alternatively make a plaster handprint using a pre-purchased set. These can be found quite cheaply at the local store.

Mothers Day gift basket, Purchase a pretty container or basket and fill with Mums favourite goodies.

You might like to create a spa gift basket or one with a chocolate or gardening theme. For example make homemade truffles and cookies and pack in clear cello. Don't forget to include a Mothers Day Poem.

For a gardening gift basket, purchase a pack of Mums favourite herbs or bulbs and plant in a pot in plenty of time for Mothers Day.

You will find more homemade gift basket ideas here!

Fill your basket with vouchers or coupons for Mum.

Vouchers such as:

doing the washing up
making the beds
a shoulder massage
a hand massage
help doing the shopping
setting the table
tidying up
running Mum a bath
giving Mum a hug
weeding the garden
taking out the rubbish

More Homemade Mothers Day Gifts Ideas

Make a scrapbook

Serve breakfast in bed

Draw a picture

Make a Mothers Day card

Cook dinner for Mum (with the help of Dad)

Make a personalized calendar

Make a you and me book

Bake a cake

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