Free Thank You Letter Samples
For Referral

Referral Thank You Letters.

Here are free thank you letter samples for you to use if someone has referred you or your business. 

Building a strong referral business is important in a competitive market in order to grow your business and keep ahead of the competition.

Send a referral thank you letter with a gift to those who have recommended you and your business.

Referral Thank You Letter Examples
Thank You For Your Business

Dear Mr Smith,

Yesterday I received a large order of floor tiles from Jones & Co. I have been informed by Julia Thomas from Building Works that you were responsible for the referral.

I am pleased to have a new contact and appreciate you recommending my company.

Please accept my gift of a case of wine for you and your employees as a thank you and I look forward to doing business with you again.

Sincerely yours,


Dear Miss Tomkins,

Thank you so much for referring our company to D.J. Marketing. Their purchasing manager called today and we have secured a most lucrative contract.

Please accept the wine and fruit basket as a token of our thanks for your recommendation.

Sincerely yours,


Dear Mr Wilks,

I cannot thank you enough for your trust and confidence in referring Mrs Wilks. Please be assured that that we will do everything possible to ensure that she remains comfortable in our care.

Here at Smithson Home, our patients' well-being is of utmost importance and if we can be of assistance to you or your family please let us know.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Kay Smithson


Dear Miss Smith,

I can't thank you enough for referring your nephew, Alexander to our practice. He is a lively confident, young man who will be an asset to our business.

As you know it is difficult for us to source apprentices and knowing that Alexander comes highly recommended is of utmost importance to us.

An added bonus is that he speaks fluent German. In the future we intend branching out into the German market so his German skills will be put to good use.

Thank you once again.

Your sincerely,


Create a basic thank you letter example so that you can easily personalize it and send it to each referral.

Free Thank You Letter Samples
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