Cool Gift Ideas For Boss

If you find yourself working with a great boss, appreciate him or her with these cool gift ideas for boss.

You might already know that October 16th is Boss Appreciation Day in the USA.

Boss appreciation day dates back to 1958 when Patricia Bays Haroski, an employee at State Farm Insurance Company in Deerfield, Ill., registered the holiday with the Chamber of Commerce of the United States.

Boss Day Gifts Etiquette

Some useful tips:

1. Don't buy a really cheap gift - nothing is worse. But don't feel that your gift needs to be too extravagant, it might make your boss feel uncomfortable.

2. If you are strapped for cash, a thoughtful

boss appreciation thank you note or card just to say how much you appreciate them being your boss is enough.

3. If you are buying a gift, think about the message you want to convey.

4. Consider the purchase of a group gift from the whole department.

5. Try to be discreet if you do give a gift by yourself. Aim to deliver it in priveate without making a show in front of other colleagues.

6. Keep your gift simple and sincere.

7. Don't give cash as a gift.

Boss Appreciation Gift Ideas

Some gift ideas for boss that you might like to consider are:

Personal calendar

Engraved pen or pencil

A photo frame

Books or book store gift certificates

Make up a gift basket with his/her favourite things. Go here for ideas on

homemade gift baskets.

Engraved Items. Look around your bosses office. What does he/she keep on her desk? You might like to consider purchasing articles engraved with personal sentiments for the boss. Such examples are paperweights, plaques, book ends or framed prints.

Enjoy selecting boss day gifts and writing the perfect boss appreciation thank you note. Thanks for visiting my site and see you next time for ideas on how to say thank you!


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